Nancy Martin B.Sc., M.A. is a Movement Educator with over 40 years of teaching in related bodywork fields. She is a Mat and Equipment Certified Pilates Instructor, holds a Master’s degree in Movement Therapy from Antioch/New England, and is a certified Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner. She has a professional dance and theatre background, and is a passionate early music singer.  She maintains a private practice in Toronto.

She has worked for years to rehabilitate her back injuries with Restorative Movement, Pilates, Body Rolling and Meditation. Extensive background in the healing arts contributes to her enthusiasm for working with groups and individuals in helping them explore the possibilities for greater health and well-being within their own bodies.


Her current specialties include rehabilitative and correctional movement and postural re-education using a unique combination of Pilates, movement therapy and small ball myo-fascial release, particularly for mature bodies.

Training and commitment to life-long learning since 1972 include ballet; modern dance in NYC with Alvin Ailey and Twyla Tharp; Body-Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen; T’ai Chi, Feldenkrais, Alexander, Anatomy Trains, and further Pilates studies with Madeline Black, Marie-Jose Blum and Susan Greskevitch.


“I’ve learned after many years of this work that you’re as young as your spine is flexible.” 
— - Dayle R.
I walk out of a session feeling more integrated in body and mind, breathing easier, and somehow cleared of the heaviness that accumulates with stress.
— Vera J.