Align | Balance | Integrate

Be in your body with mindfulness and intention

Sit, Stand, Walk with ease


Movement education with a special focus on centering, spinal flexibility, postural reconditioning and core support for mature bodies.

A one hour private Pilates and Restorative Movement session will help you begin to align, balance and integrate with bodywork incorporating therapeutic Pilates, Body Rolling and Physiotherapy in a rehabilitative, caring environment.

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Movement Education with Nancy Martin

A customized series of exercises is designed specifically for your body to encourage holistic movement re-patterning by learning to understand the spiral nature of movement from the inside out. Exercises integrate mat work from a variety of intelligent movement disciplines, innovative work on Pilates equipment and rolling on small balls for myo-fascial release. Together these work to mobilize joints and tight fascia, release tight or overused muscles, and recruit and re- train underused core muscles.

In addition to Private One-on-One work, periodic workshops are offered in Body Rolling, an amazing self-care adjunct to bodywork or movement disciplines of any kind.

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