Private Instruction with Nancy

A one hour private Pilates and Restorative Movement session will help you begin to align, balance and integrate with bodywork incorporating therapeutic Pilates, Body Rolling and physiotherapy in a rehabilitative, caring environment.

A customized series of exercises is designed specifically for your body to encourage holistic movement re-patterning by learning to understand the spiral nature of movement from the inside out.  Exercises integrate matwork from a variety of intelligent movement disciplines, innovative work on Pilates equipment and rolling on small balls for myo-fascial release. Together these work to mobilize joints and tight fascia, release of tight or overused muscles and recruitment and strength training of underused core muscles.

"I’ve learned to engage my core muscles which instantly wrap around my lower back like a girdle…and support me in proper alignment….and I can move pain-free.  THAT is freedom."

- Wendy W.

A Typical Session

A typical session is devoted to observing the entire body and identifying holding patterns created from injuries or inefficient postural habits and then assessing how these patterns inhibit natural and easy functional movement.  The client is carefully guided to develop new strategies of awareness to learn new movement patterns.  The goal is to develop conscious body-mind connections to enhance better posture, balance, breathing and well-being.  The effect is amazingly restorative.

Typical clients include mature adults with multiple issues for whom normal exercise classes prove difficult.  Clients drawn to this work include those with shoulder, hip, back and knee discomfort, osteoporosis, scoliosis and other spinal difficulties.

Please contact me with any questions about the benefits of body rolling and restorative movement,
to book a session, or for further information about my practice. 

phone: 647-888-4059