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What is Body Rolling

Body Rolling draws in part from the revolutionary work of Yamuna Zake, combined with the best of Yoga Tune-Up and Melt Methods.  It is an approach to health and fitness consisting of a series of self-massage routines using 2 to 10-inch air-filled balls. It allows you to work specific muscles in detail, to create suppleness in tight areas and optimize range of motion.  Practicing this system re-educates muscles and stimulates bone, creating positive and often permanent changes in the body.


How does it work?

Body Rolling works the way a hands-on practitioner works.  The ball replaces hands as it moves on muscles and fascia to soften, dislodge tension and discomfort, increase blood flow, and promote healing. Lying over the ball, you literally roll your body out almost like dough, stretching and elongating your muscles. The routines follow specific sequences that match the body's own logic and order.

The Body Rolling practice is a great adjunct to the healing work of Pilates or Yoga. It can help you focus internally as you work with your breath to uncover places of holding and tension. It can educate you about your own anatomy, helping you find length and width in different planes, and really help develop abdominal/core strength. 

Rolling on the ball is perfect for prevention of headaches, lower back problems, back, neck, and shoulder tension and problems stemming from the repetitive stress syndromes that pervade our daily lives. Almost every structural problem can be greatly improved with rolling. The routines are easy to follow and can be adapted to people of all ages and physical capabilities.

 The method improves posture and alignment. When you stand up straighter, your upper body stacked over the pelvis legs and feet, and all your parts are aligned, you have more energy and stamina. Simple as it seems, slouching robs you of vital energy! Body Rolling literally straightens you out. 

Any hesitation I had about exercise after my back surgery quickly disappeared under Nancy’s gentle and supportive guidance. I have seen great improvement in my posture and problems with my spine are so much better.
— Agnes A.